Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Limited PT100/PT1000 Platinum Resistance Sensor WZP-3/4*16/30-T/B

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PT100/PT1000 Platinum Resistance Sensor WZP-3/4*16/30-T/B
Key benefits: Very precise measuring: measuring temperature ±0.5°C Precise linear temperature-resistan ce characteristic Low weight Short response time Basic information:: The PT100/PT1000 sensor is used for precise temperature monitoring applications, where errors in measurement have to be excluded. The linear relationship of the resistor to temperature, simplifies its use in many electronic applications. The precision of the PT100/PT1000 allows its universal use for temperature monitoring, control and switching in windings, bearings, machines, motors, transformers and many other industrial applications. General function:: The PT100/PT1000 sensor is a temperature dependent component. The resistance of the PT100/PT1000 sensor rises linearly with the temperature. Technical data: Nominal resistance:100Ωat 0°C(PT100), 1000Ωat 0°C (PT1000) Basic thermistor values: for platinum measuring resistors as in chart Measuring range: -40°C to 200°C, other ranges on request Measuring current: max. 1mA(no self-heating) Circuit: 2-wire, 3-wire or customized Installation guide: Embed the sensor to motor winding,compressing and banding together with thecoil,then varnish it.Wire leads is elicited along the shell and fixed in the wiring inside the junction box. Use special Temperature controller for Pt100, Pt1000.
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Technical Specifications

  Saftty Electronic Technology Co., Limited
Product Category RTD Temperature Probes
Product Number WZP-3/4*16/30-T/B
Product Name PT100/PT1000 Platinum Resistance Sensor
Element Material Platinum
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