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Jet Engine - M53 - Snecma
Evry Cedex, Essonne, France
Jet Engine M53
The Snecma M53 powers the entire family of Mirage 2000 fighters, deployed by a number of air forces worldwide, including the latest Mirage 2000-5 and 2000-9 multirole versions. Combining performance and reliability, the M53, rated at about 21,000 lb of thrust with reheat, has now logged nearly 2 million flight-hours, many during foreign deployments, where it has clearly proven its operational capabilities. It offers users highly versatile operation and an extended flight envelope with carefree handling, from very low speeds up to Mach 2.2. Recognized by pilots for its ease of handling, the M53 is fitted with a full authority digital engine control (FADEC). Technical characteristics Thrust with Post-Combustion (lbf) 21,357 Thrust without Post-Combustion (lbf) 14,388 Specific fuel consumption with PC (lb/lbf.h) 2.06 Specific fuel consumption without PC (lb/lbf.h) 0.88 Airflow rate (lb/s) 207.23 Turbine entry temperature (K) 1,850 (2,870°F) Pressure ratio 9.80 Bypass ratio 0.36 Length (in) 199.61 Inlet diameter (in) 31.34 Weight (lbs) 3,340
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Product Category Combustion Engines
Product Number M53
Product Name Jet Engine
Engine Type Internal Combustion
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