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Jet Engine - Larzac® - Snecma
Evry Cedex, Essonne, France
Jet Engine Larzac®
Perfectly adapted to both training and tactical support missions, the Larzac® is the benchmark in its thrust class. The latest version powers the Alpha Jet family of jet trainers. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Thrust (lbf) 3,192 Specific fuel consumption (lb/lbf.h) 0.74 Airflow (lb/s) 63.05 Turbine entry temperature (K) 1,433 (2,120°F) Pressure ratio 11.10 Bypass ratio 1.04 Length (in) 46.73 Inlet diameter (in) 17.80 Weight (lbs) 650
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Technical Specifications

Product Category Combustion Engines
Product Number Larzac®
Product Name Jet Engine
Engine Type Internal Combustion
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