Rottler Manufacturing Seat & Guide Machining Machine SG9M


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Seat & Guide Machining Machine SG9M
The Rottler SG9M spindle is mounted on a sphere which allows the UNIPILOT to automatically center with the valve guide centerline while the Workhead is floating on air cushions. Once air floating stops and the Workhead clamps, the UNIPILOT and valve guide centerline are maintained while cutting the valve seat. ACTIVE SPINDLE - Spherical Pneumatic Automatic Alignment System built into the Spindle for fast location of the pilot into the Valve Guide and Accurate Centering (Patent Pending) Air Float Work Head with Foot Pedal Control Heavy Duty Spindle - Diameter 3.150†(80mm) Hardened and Ground with 8†(200mm) of hand wheel vertical travel. Rottler Automatic Tightening and Quick Release Spindle Lock Nut System for One Hand Operation for fitting and removing tooling to and from the spindle â€" never comes loose! Gives Best Concentricity Rottler's Rigid Precision carbide centering UNIPILOTS are manufactured to less than one tenth (.002mm) tolerance. Combined with the light weight air float Workhead the SG9 gives perfect centering in the valve guide and the best concentricity of any machine on the market, .0005†per 1 inch of valve diameter (.01mm per 25mm Dia.). For more information: See the SG9M Brochure or give us a call at +1 (253) 872-7050
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  Rottler Manufacturing
Product Category Milling Machines
Product Number SG9M
Product Name Seat & Guide Machining Machine
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