Ross Optical Industries Alpha-BBO Glan-Taylor Polarizer Z-GTP025


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Alpha-BBO Glan-Taylor Polarizer - Z-GTP025 - Ross Optical Industries
El Paso, TX, USA
Alpha-BBO Glan-Taylor Polarizer Z-GTP025
A Glan-Taylor polarizer produces linearly polarized light. It’s made of a pair of right angle prisms which are separated on their hypotenuses with an air gap. The optical axes of the optical crystals are aligned parallel to the plane of reflection. S-polarized light encounters a total internal reflection at the air gap; therefore only p-polarized light is transmitted. While the transmitted beam is 100% p-polarized, the reflected beam is not totally s-polarized.
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Technical Specifications

  Ross Optical Industries
Product Category Optical Polarizers
Product Number Z-GTP025
Product Name Alpha-BBO Glan-Taylor Polarizer
Polarizer Application Infrared; Visible; Ultraviolet
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