Ross Optical Industries Low Order Waveplate W-QPL212


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Low Order Waveplate - W-QPL212 - Ross Optical Industries
El Paso, TX, USA
Low Order Waveplate W-QPL212
The low (multiple) order waveplate is designed to give a retardance of several full waves, plus the desired fraction. This results in a single, physically robust component with desired performance. However, even small changes in wavelength or temperature will result in significant changes in the desired fractional retardance. They are less expensive and find use in many applications where the increased sensitivities are not an important. The dual wavelength waveplate is a multiple waveplate that provides a specific retardance at two different wavelengths. It is particularly useful when used in conjunction with other polarization sensitive components to separate coaxial laser beams of different wavelength.
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Technical Specifications

  Ross Optical Industries
Product Category Waveplates and Retardation Plates
Product Number W-QPL212
Product Name Low Order Waveplate
Order Multiple
Thickness 0.5000 mm (0.0197 inch)
Surface Flatness λ/4
Surface Quality 20-10 Scratch / Dig
Retardation Quarter
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