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 - 1869995 - RS Components, Ltd.
Corby, Northants, United Kingdom
Ideal for measurement work and mobile testing. Handle to box and black front panel (secured with countersunk screws) fully sealed by gasket. Handle can house battery if required. Impact resistance >7Nm, DIN 50014. IP65, DIN50014 rated. Temperature range, -40°C to +85°C. Ergonomic handle provides strain-free use Body Material = Polyamide External Length = 85 mm External Width = 160 mm External Height = 211 mm External Dimensions = 85 x 160 x 211mm Display Window = Yes IP Rating = IP65 Colour = Yellow Series = 2921 Keypad Recess = Yes
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Technical Specifications

  RS Components, Ltd.
Product Category Industrial Enclosures
Product Number 1869995
Product Name
Length 3.35 inch (85 mm)
Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Foreign Objects 6
Material Polyamide
Ingress Protection(IP) Rating Against Moisture 5
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