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Clackamas, OR, USA
Hot Cooking Oil Pumps
Cornell's Hot Oil pumps are the pump of choice for food processors around the world. Enhanced vapor handling characteristics are the focal point on Cornell's latest hot cooking oil pump innovations. When fresh product passes through the fryers a great deal of water is involved. The water travels along the bottom of the fryer, intact in a liquid phase at 200°C, until it reaches the pump suction. Here the action of the impeller breaks up the water into smaller droplets which flash to steam. Ordinarily, entrained steam would severely impact pump head and flow, but Cornell's vapor suppression line innovation prevents this phenomenon.
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Technical Specifications

  Cornell Pump Company
Product Category Liquid Handling Pumps
Product Name Hot Cooking Oil Pumps
Industry Served Food Processing, Food Service
Liquid Flow 2400.000 to 7000.000 GPM (9090.91 to 26515.15 L/min)
Pump Housing Material Cast Iron; Stainless Steel (optional feature); Ductile Iron
Media Liquids, Oil, High Temperature Media
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