Hansen Technologies Corporation Hermetic Liquid Refrigerant Pumps


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offer a simple, proven design which is quiet and compact. These pumps have no shaft seals to leak to atmosphere. The rotor of the direct drive motor is inside of a stainless steel "can" while the external electrical stator is surrounded by an additional pressure-tight housing to further ensure against any possible loss of fluid. Lubrication and cooling is performed internally by the pumped refrigerant; no oil is required. The Hansen Hermetic Pump series includes small and medium-size CAM models, which feature multistage impeller construction, as well as the larger CNF models, which feature single impeller construction supplemented by an axial flow inducer stage. Both models have low NPSH requirements. GPM range is 7 to 300 GPM and temperature range is -60°F to +194°F (-50°C to +90°C) and to -150°F (-101°C) with special construction.
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  Hansen Technologies Corporation
Product Category Liquid Handling Pumps
Product Number Hermetic Liquid Refrigerant Pumps
Pump Type Centrifugal Pump
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