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Rize Augmented Polymer Deposition 3D Printer -  - Rize Inc.
Woburn, MA, USA
Rize Augmented Polymer Deposition 3D Printer
The Rize One 3D printer, with virtually zero post-processing, enables you to produce parts up to 100% faster than other systems and cut costs by more than 50%. Considering the number of parts you produce per month, the number of iterations per part and the duration of each iteration, this unique capability has an exponentially positive impact on total R&D process time, costs and designs. Gone are the messy and toxic post-processing materials, the special hookups and space required for post-processing devices and disposal and, most importantly, the hours of expensive labor required to deal with all of it. Finally, you can produce industrial-class parts in the lab or on demand, right in your office, quickly, safely and affordably, to: Speed time to market Cut costs Streamline operations Reduce defects during manufacturing Increase the accuracy of production Customize tooling, jigs and fixtures Improve designs
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Technical Specifications

  Rize Inc.
Product Category 3D Printers and Additive Manufacturing Machines
Product Name Rize Augmented Polymer Deposition 3D Printer
Printer Technology Printer Technology Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)
Material Type Plastic
Print resolution 0.1250 mm (0.0049 inch)
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