Renesas Electronics Corporation 8MHz Rail-to-Rail Composite Video Driver ISL59110IEZ-T7


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8MHz Rail-to-Rail Composite Video Driver ISL59110IEZ-T7
The ISL59110 is a single rail-to-rail 3-pole output reconstruction filter with a -3dB roll-off frequency of 8MHz and a slew rate of 40V/µs, with input signal DC restoration accomplished with an internal sync tip clamp. Operating from single supplies ranging from +2.5V to +3.6V and sinking an ultra-low 2mA quiescent current, the ISL59110 is ideally suited for low power, battery-operated applications. It also features inputs capable of reaching down to 0.15V below the negative rail. Additionally, an enable high pin shuts the part down in under 14ns. The ISL59110 is designed to meet the needs for very low power and bandwidth required in battery-operated communication, instrumentation, and modern industrial applications such as video on demand, cable set-top boxes, DVD players, and HDTV. The ISL59110 is offered in a space-saving SC-70 package guaranteed to a 1mm maximum height constraint and specified for operation from -40°C to +85°C temperature range
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Technical Specifications

  Renesas Electronics Corporation
Product Category IC Electronic Filters
Product Number ISL59110IEZ-T7
Product Name 8MHz Rail-to-Rail Composite Video Driver
Filter Category Video Filter
Package Type SC-70
Applications Audio/Video
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