Renesas Electronics Corporation Programmable VCOM Calibrator with EEPROM ISL24201IRTZ-T13


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Programmable VCOM Calibrator with EEPROM ISL24201IRTZ-T13
The ISL24201 provides an 8-bit programmable current sink that is used in conjunction with an external voltage divider and buffer amplifier to generate a voltage source that is positioned between the analog supply voltage and ground. The current sinks resolution is controlled by an external resistor, RsubSET/sub, and the span of the VsubCOM/sub voltage is controlled by the voltage divider resistor ratio and the source impedance of Rsub1/sub and Rsub2/sub. This device has an 8-bit data register and 8-bit EEPROM for storing a volatile and a permanent value for its output. The ISL24201 has an Isup2/supC bus interface that is used to read and write to its registers and EEPROM. At power-up the EEPROM value is transferred to the data register and output.brbr The ISL24201 is available in an 8 Ld 3mm x 3mm TDFN package. This package has a maximum height of 0.8mm for very low profile designs. The ambient operating temperature range is -40°C to +85°C.
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  Renesas Electronics Corporation
Product Category Video Amplifier Chips
Product Number ISL24201IRTZ-T13
Product Name Programmable VCOM Calibrator with EEPROM
Features Single-Supply
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