Renesas Electronics Corporation 12MHz Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Op Amps EL5220CYZ-T7


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12MHz Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Op Amps EL5220CYZ-T7
The EL5120, EL5220, and EL5420 are low power, high voltage, rail-to-rail input-output amplifiers. The EL5120 contains a single amplifier, the EL5220 contains two amplifiers, and the EL5420 contains four amplifiers. Operating on supplies ranging from 5V to 15V, while consuming only 500µA per amplifier, the EL5120, EL5220, and EL5420 have a bandwidth of 12MHz (-3dB). They also provide common mode input ability beyond the supply rails, as well as rail-to-rail output capability. This enables these amplifiers to offer maximum dynamic range at any supply voltage.brbr The EL5120, EL5220, and EL5420 also feature fast slewing and settling times, as well as a high output drive capability of 30mA (sink and source). These features make these amplifiers ideal for use as voltage reference buffers in Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays (TFT-LCD). Other applications include battery power, portable devices, and anywhere low power consumption is important.brbr The EL5420 is available in the space-saving 14 Ld TSSOP package, the industry-standard 14 Ld SOIC package, as well as the 16 Ld QFN package. The EL5220 is available in the 8 Ld MSOP package and the 8Ld DFN package. The EL5120 is available in the 5 Ld TSOT package. All feature a standard operational amplifier pin out. These amplifiers are specified for operation with an ambient and junction temperature range ofbr-40°C to +125°C.
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Technical Specifications

  Renesas Electronics Corporation
Product Category Operational Amplifiers
Product Number EL5220CYZ-T7
Product Name 12MHz Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Op Amps
Bandwidth 12 MHz
Features Rail-Rail-Out; Rail-Rail-In; Single-Supply
Slew Rate 10 V/µs
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