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Radar Simulation Software - WaveFarer® - Remcom (USA)
State College, PA, USA
Radar Simulation Software WaveFarer®
WaveFarer is a high fidelity radar simulator that accounts for multipath and scattering from structures and vehicles in the immediate environment of a radar system as well as key atmospheric and scattering effects for frequencies up to and beyond 100 GHz. Applications include simulation of automotive drive scenarios, indoor sensors, and far field radar cross section (RCS). Applications WaveFarer is designed to support all applications relevant for simulation and analysis of a radar system. For automotive radar, this includes evaluating radar sensor placement and target returns within a simulated drive scenario environment. For surveillance radar applications, this includes analysis of target radar cross section (RCS) and the impact of materials on results. For a variety of other radar and sensor applications, WaveFarer can be used to determine how the placement of a sensor and the presence of various nearby structures might affect the radar returns. WaveFarer Features WaveFarer’s features enable fast and accurate analysis of scenarios with radars in close proximity to structures, targets, and other features in a simulated environment. Key features include the following: ● Near field propagation method: Calculate scattering off target surfaces, including multipath interactions with ground reflections, using ray-tracing algorithms and physics-based calculations. ● Targeted ray casting: Efficiently produce high fidelity returns by fully illuminating targets. ● Diffuse Scattering: Calculate contribution of scattering from rough surfaces to radar clutter. ● Dynamic scenarios: Apply movement to radar sensors, target vehicles, and other scatterers in your drive test simulations. ● User defined antennas: Import measured or simulated radiation patterns. ● Shared platform with XFdtd: Integrated solution promotes productivity.
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  Remcom (USA)
Product Category Graphing and Visualization Software
Product Number WaveFarer®
Product Name Radar Simulation Software
Source Code Proprietary
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