Rego Electronics Inc. Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies RG8822 / RG8830 / RG8831

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Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies - RG8822 / RG8830 / RG8831 - Rego Electronics Inc.
New Taipei, Taiwan
Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies RG8822 / RG8830 / RG8831
Rego is capable of integrating a chain of manufacturing starting from raw materials such as PVC colloidal particles to finished products, copper wire to cable assembly. We also provide custom product designs to meet the market demand and accomplish innovation. We currently include Computer Cables, Telephone Accessories, Molded Adaptors, Cable Assemblies for industrial sectors such as Automation, Information Technology, Telecommunication, Medical and Automotive accessories. Features- 1.27mm pitch Board to Cable Connector IDC for 1.27mm Flat Ribbon Cable (#28 AWG) Lower Insertion Force, Low Withdrawal Force Number Of Positions: 20, 26, 30, 32, 34, 40, 50, 52, 60, 68 Target Market- Telecommunication, Industrial Computing, Medical Equipment
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Technical Specifications

  Rego Electronics Inc.
Product Category Cable Assemblies
Product Number RG8822 / RG8830 / RG8831
Product Name Flat Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Cable Type Flat Cable
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