REB Storage Systems International MLM Economy Van Ramps MLM602


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MLM Economy Van Ramps MLM602
MLM Economy Van Ramps These economy van ramps have a serrated deck surface for sure footing. An optional perforated surface is also available. The ends are cut off-not rounded. Side rails are 4 1/2" high. The perfect ramp if you are unloading and have minimal use requirements. Other sizes available. FOB-Shipping Point. There is a special high angle bump at the bottom of the ramp This makes the first 10" a slightly steeper slope and allows the ramp to go down lower than standard models. Straight ramps are available for easy access when loading heavy objects onto trailers.

Technical Specifications

  REB Storage Systems International
Product Category Dock Equipment
Product Number MLM602
Product Name MLM Economy Van Ramps
Weight Capacity 2000 lbs (907 kg)
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