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Bluetooth Sensor TAG EVK - RS1001TAG - Radicom Research, Inc.
San Jose, CA, USA
Bluetooth Sensor TAG EVK RS1001TAG
Features: Small size PCBA embedded BLE profiles and Sensor functions Support BLE only. (No Wi-Fi supported) Multi power supply inputs: Solar cell, CR2032 or USB mini convertor I2C/SPI/UART access to sensor module from 10 pin socket or on board SMT sensor module Support LED & Buzzer alert RoHS compliant Introduction: Radicom Research’s RS1001MB series is the perfect wireless solution for integrating sensor applications into the Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (RS1001MB-B-0-I) or WiFi full embedded system (RS1001MB-W-0-I). The baseboard contains variable power input and universal interface to different sensor/control, from ADC or DAC, or even mount to different sensors from header or SMT module. RS100MB commits to provide different sensor application through wireless capability. The RS1001MB series includes a battery holder for coin battery and a socket for 9V connector or mini USB for USB power input. Also with 2-pin/4-pin terminal block for analog signal input or signal output, RB1001MB can supports external sensor input or control easily. The RS1001MB main board includes a 4.0 BLE RB1010 module, which can send/receive data with an iPhone 4S or above, no Apple MFI license is required. And, RS1001MB series also can support TCP/IP through Internet by using Wi-Fi RW8200 module. RS1001MB is a quick platform for testing and evaluating the wireless module with different sensors integration through Bluetooth Low energy or through Wi-Fi. The RS1001STAG sensor tag EVK is a small size of wireless sensor EVK. It can be powered by a coin battery, or from a USB mini-connector directly plug-in, Sensor module can be mounted on board from SMT package or be replaceable from DIP package. The RS1001SSTAG sensor tag is a very small size of single PCB wireless sensor. It can be powered by a coin battery, or from a USB mini-connector directly plug-in, or even from an endless life of a solar cell built-in on enclosure. With magnet on the enclosure, you can place this sensor to any metal material. Or, with double-side tape, you can stick this TAG sensor to any surface you want. With wireless capability, this TAG sensor almost can be placed any adverse environment and accessed from wireless distance.
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  Radicom Research, Inc.
Product Category Wireless Network Components
Product Number RS1001TAG
Product Name Bluetooth Sensor TAG EVK
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