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Marine Hydraulic Power Packs - QuietPack - Quantum-Med Marine, Ltd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Marine Hydraulic Power Packs QuietPack
QuietPack™ hydraulic systems power Quantum stabilizer systems, and can stand alone, or the components can be installed as modules. The oil reservoir, motor and pump, oil cooler, return filtration, and all of the applicable routing and gauging are included, leaving a simple few hydraulic connection points for shipyard connection. The QP systems control noise and vibration with a three-point isolation system using resilient mounts, and hydraulic pulsation suppressors mounted directly to the outlet of each pump. Click Image on the Left for a Larger Image. Additional components, typically installed at the stabilizer hull units, include: Accumulators - to soften hydraulic load surges Pressure Filters - to ensure that only clean oil reaches the hydraulic cylinders Control Manifolds - to accurately control the hydraulic cylinder movement All Quantum powerpacks are factory tested, supplied to configure to the vessel’s requirements, covered by a one-year warranty, and painted and finished to complement the modern yacht’s engine room. Quantum HPU QIS160 Quantum HPU QIS180 Quantum HPU QIS210 Quantum HPU QIS60 Quantum HPU QP15 Quantum HPU QP1515 Quantum HPU QP20 Quantum HPU QP2020 Quantum HPU QP30 Quantum HPU QP3030Mk0 Quantum HPU QP3030Mk3 Quantum HPU QRS15 Quantum HPU QRS20 Quantum HPU QRT15 Quantum HPU QRT35 Quantum HPU XT Type1 Quantum HPU XT Type2
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  Quantum-Med Marine, Ltd.
Product Category Hydraulic Power Units
Product Number QuietPack
Product Name Marine Hydraulic Power Packs
Power 29.5 HP
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