Qosina Corp. TuFlux® SIL Silicone Tubing T2301

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TuFlux® SIL Silicone Tubing - T2301 - Qosina Corp.
Ronkonkoma, NY, United States
TuFlux® SIL Silicone Tubing T2301
Silicone tubing is a staple in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and Qosina has a wide selection from which to choose. We carry high-quality, top-grade tubing that is flexible yet durable, regardless of the size you select. In addition to being tough, the tubing is easy to clean and sterilize. This makes it particularly ideal for a vast scope of medical and pharmaceutical uses. Perhaps what’s even more important for the medical field is the tubing’s biocompatibility. Due to its makeup, silicone tubing is not harmful to living tissues. It’s also unlikely to result in an allergic response. Premium Silicone Tubing for Sale Any tubing you select from Qosina is going to be optimum quality, whether it’s ultimately used with medical devices or other fluid transfers where sealing, gasketing and safety are the utmost priority. One way to find the silicone tubing that suits your needs is to filter your search results by the various factors available. You may filter your results by feature or type. This lets you quickly pinpoint BPA-free tubing if that’s what you need, or find tubing that’s peroxide-cured, platinum-cured or Class VI. Browsing through the full selection allows you to review the wide range of sizes we have available, with listings providing both metric and imperial system measurements. Shop with Qosina for Medical and Pharmaceutical Components With more than 40 years of exceptional customer service to our credit, Qosina is a leading global supplier of thousands of single-use components. We specialize in offering high-quality supplies to the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and our collection of silicone tubing is just one of the many tubing options we offer. Our goal is to help you find, order and receive quality medical components quickly and accurately. Feel free to review our silicone tubing options on your own, or contact us with any questions or specific requests. We’re always happy to help you find exactly what you need.
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Technical Specifications

  Qosina Corp.
Product Category Tubing
Product Number T2301
Product Name TuFlux® SIL Silicone Tubing
Design Units English
Type Plastic; Rubber / Silicone
Shape Round
Inside Diameter 0.250 inch (6.3 mm)
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