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Dektak IIA - The Dektak IIA - PTB Sales, Inc.
Azusa, CA, United States
Dektak IIA The Dektak IIA
Ask for pricing. The Dektak IIA is used for making accurate measurements on small vertical features ranging in height from 100 to 655,000 angstroms. Dektak IIA acquires data by moving the sample beneath the diamond tipped stylus. Vertical movements of the stylus are sensed by an LVDT, digitalized, and stored in the instruments memory. Stored information is displayed on the console's video screen and may be manipulated to magnify specific areas of the trace. Any display can be printed out to provide a permanent record. Profile data can be transmitted via the Dektak IIA's RS-232-C part for further analysis and storage.
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  PTB Sales, Inc.
Product Category Wafer and Thin Film Instrumentation
Product Number The Dektak IIA
Product Name Dektak IIA
Form Factor Monitor or instrument
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