ProSoft Technology, Inc. Modbus Master/Slave To Honeywell DE 5106-MCM-DEM


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Bakersfield, CA, USA
Modbus Master/Slave To Honeywell DE 5106-MCM-DEM
The ProLinx family Modbus Master/Slave to Honeywell DE Master communications module (5106-MCM-DEM) creates a powerful connection between devices on a Honeywell DE network and Modbus devices. The module is a stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol gateway that provides one configurable serial port and one 8 channel DEM block. The Modbus (MCM) protocol driver supports Master and Slave implementations of the protocol. All Modbus serial ports are individually configurable, providing a very powerful and flexible host or device interface solution. The DEM protocol driver is designed to provide a tightly integrated communications interface between other protocols of the ProLinx platform and the Honeywell DE instruments. Compatible DE devices include a large array of field devices including pressure, temperature, metering, and many other instruments.
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Technical Specifications

  ProSoft Technology, Inc.
Product Category Bus Adapters
Product Number 5106-MCM-DEM
Product Name Modbus Master/Slave To Honeywell DE
Number of Expansion Slots 1 to 8
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