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PCGA-XR2 3003 Aluminum Honeycomb -  - Plascore Incorporated
Zeeland, MI, USA
PCGA-XR2 3003 Aluminum Honeycomb
PCGA-XR2 3003 commercial grade aluminum honeycomb is a lightweight core material offering excellent strength and good corrosion resistance for industrial applications at low cost. PCGA-XR2 3003 honeycomb is made from 3003 aluminum alloy foil. Features: • High thermal conductivity • Flame resistant • Good moisture and corrosion resistance • Fungi resistant • Low weight/High Strength Applications: PCGA-XR2 3003 honeycomb uses include air/light directionalization, energy absorption, tooling, ceiling and floor panels, counter tops and other applications for which elevated physical and mechanical properties are not required. Availability: PCGA-XR2 3003 honeycomb is available in four forms: unexpanded blocks, unexpanded slices, untrimmed expanded sheets and cut to size expanded sheets. It is also available with or without cell perforations to facilitate cell venting for certain applications.
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  Plascore Incorporated
Product Category Honeycombs and Honeycomb Materials
Product Name PCGA-XR2 3003 Aluminum Honeycomb
Compressive Strength 75 to 620 psi (517 to 4275 KPa)
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