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Photovolt™ - 580 RCCS - Photovolt Instruments Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Photovolt™ 580 RCCS
The Photovolt 580 RCCS (Roast Coffee Classification System) is designed specifically to measure roast coffee beans and determine their SCAA roast classification.). The 580 system has a number of features. Accurate, traceable, rugged calibration standards. Large electronic display readout (suitable for factory floor operation). Reliable instrumentation. Easy calibration and measurement procedure. Low cost compared to similar roast measurement instrumentation.
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Technical Specifications

  Photovolt Instruments Inc.
Product Category Color Meters and Appearance Instruments
Product Number 580 RCCS
Product Name Photovolt™
Display Type Digital Numerical Display
Instrument Type Determines SCAA Roast Classification
User Interface Digital
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