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Miniature Channeltron® Electron Multiplier
Photonis is the original manufacturer of Channeltron® electron multipliers, which offer the highest dynamic range to assure an absolutely linear response beyond the limits of most analytical instruments. Longer life Higher dynamic range Reduced ion feedback Noise less than 1 count/second Excellent single ion sensitivity Description Our advanced designs provide the highest sensitivity through superior signal collection and noise reduction. Available in various shapes, sizes, and voltages, Photonis’ Channeltron® electron multipliers are engineered to deliver the highest performance available on the market. Cones, grids, coatings, collectors and leads can all be specified, or you can choose one of our many standard models. Improvements in conversion dynode technology have resulted in structures capable of operation at higher voltages and materials with improved ion-to-electron conversion yields for better sensitivity at higher masses. More than half of the world’s mass spectrometer manufacturers rely on Photonis’ Channeltron® detectors to improve the reliability of their instruments. Due to their low mass and high gain, Channeltron® electron multipliers are also used in many nuclear physics labs and space applications to count electrons and charged particles in pulse mode operation. Other applications include residual gas analysis, plasma analysis, Auger, electron spectrometers, SEM, FIB and leak detectors. As the original manufacturer, Photonis is able to customize Channeltron® electron multipliers to fit various instruments. We can provide complete assemblies as well in order to simplify the installation process. If you are looking to replace the detector in your analytical instrument, download our OEM Replacement Guide to find the right detector for your instrument.
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  PHOTONIS Technologies SAS
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Product Name Miniature Channeltron® Electron Multiplier
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