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Ion Guides and Drift Tubes
Photonis’ ion guides and drift tubes offer significant improvement in ion transmission over traditional tubes. The single piece, solid tube provides containment for counter-flow gas, eliminating the need for an additional enclosure. Resistive glass tubes are easily removed and cleaned without degrading the performance. Solid tube design Improves ion transmission Contains counter-flow gas Electric fields preferentially attract or direct ions Made from our patented resistive glass technology, these tubes effectively alter the ion flow in Ion Mobility Spectrometry. Our ion guides and drift tubes are designed to control the ion flow into analytical instruments in order to complete the most accurate analysis possible. These one-piece, solid assemblies are used in ion mobility spectrometry for counter-flow gas, eliminating the need additional enclosure. Similar to our reflectron lenses, our ion guides are easy to clean and maintain. Ion guides and drift tubes can be manufactured in variety of sizes, with an inner diameter as small as .5 mm. In the image below, you can see how by using a resistive glass drift tube from Photonis greatly enhance ion flow. The electric field in the resistive glass prevents collisions with other ions and tube walls which may result in ion loss.
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  PHOTONIS Technologies SAS
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