PHOTONIS Technologies SAS Digital Night Vision Camera EBNOCTURN 1.3 Mpx


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Digital Night Vision Camera EBNOCTURN 1.3 Mpx
The most powerful digital night vision camera made for military night vision, weapon sights, helmet mounted vision, and precision targeting. Ultra Low Light Level down to 10 μlux High frame rate - No Latency Outstanding Image Quality Optimized resolution for Mobility Application Description The EB Nocturn is a digital image intensifier camera that provides outstanding image quality at very low light level. It was specifically designed for integration into imaging systems such as helmet mounted system, weapon sights or vehicle platform. It’s size, weight, and low power has been designed to ease the integration into any kind of optoelectronic system. Features Extremely low noise sensor Designed for portable / mobility purposes Under any low light conditions worldwide Optimized Image Quality Low power (no cooling) 1064 nm laser detection capability
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Technical Specifications

  PHOTONIS Technologies SAS
Product Category Video Cameras
Product Number EBNOCTURN 1.3 Mpx
Product Name Digital Night Vision Camera
Imaging Technology CMOS Camera; Digital Camera
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