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Hall Sensors - 9000 - PHD, Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN, USA
Hall Sensors 9000
Hall Sensor provides independent and fully adjustable multiple position sensing on 8400 Angular Grippers, 190 & 191 Parallel and 190 Angular Grippers, 5300 Oval Grippers, and all Rotary Actuators and Multi-Motion Actuators. The Set Point Module provides independent adjustment of two set point positions from two sensors or allows one set point module to interface with two actuators. It also can be used with a single unit providing 4 adjustable set points throughout jaw travel or rotation. Additionally, the solid state electronics with Hall Effect sensing technology provide for an infinite number of trouble-free cycles. Advantages: Solid State electronics with Hall Effect sensing technology. Provides independent and fully adjustable multiple position sensing. Wide signal range capability.
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  PHD, Inc.
Product Category Linear Position Sensors
Product Number 9000
Product Name Hall Sensors
Sensor Technology Hall Effect Position Sensor
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