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Epson - M-262 Series - Telpar
Dover, NH, USA
The M262 series are Epson industry standard compact printer mechanisms using dot impact matrix method. They are particularly useful where a substantial amount of printing is required but space and cost are at a premium. Standard paper is used. Up to 1 Original and 2 Copies can be printed. The M262 has red and black print capability. A long life cassette is used. The mechanisms are suitable for graphics printing. A high print speed of 2.3 lines/ second is complemented by a fast paper feed speed of 7 lines/second. Operates on 12V battery current The M-262 is built to draw current from any 12-volt battery, making it possible to use the M-262 in virtually any situation or environment. Features: Two Color Receipt Operates on 12V battery current Paper Rewind Unit With Integral Roll Holder and Paper Low Sensor Flexible layout design High Speed Printing Strong and durable mechanism
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Product Category Printer Mechanisms
Product Number M-262 Series
Product Name Epson
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