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Accelerometer 5859746
Accelerometer PCE-VT 1100S Vibration tester for vibration measurement / Measured values memory for previous measurements / Measurement of acceleration, vibration velocity and displacement / Large frequency range / Battery-operated hand-held measuring device / Automatic shutdown The accelerometer is used as a hand-held measuring device for the individual assessment of vibration on machines and systems. With the help of this accelerometer the actual state can easily be determined on-site. Thus, corresponding changes can be made directly on site after the measurement. Thereafter, the new condition can also be assessed. Thus, the accelerometer serves as a measuring device for a relative measurement on different machines. The accelerometer is essentially for precautionary or preventive maintenance of production machines. This accelerometer is used for rapid measurement of imbalance and for checking bearing and gear conditions. Very often, the accelerometer is also used to assess the status of smaller electric motors.
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Technical Specifications

  PCE Instruments / PCE Americas Inc.
Product Category Accelerometers
Product Number 5859746
Product Name Accelerometer
Frequency Range 10 to 1000 Hz
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