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Corrosion Inhibitors - Finish Aid Plus - Pavco, Inc.
Charlotte, NC, USA
Corrosion Inhibitors Finish Aid Plus
Finish Aid Plus - is a clear, non-flammable, mildly alkaline liquid which is used in metal finishing processes for protecting ferrous metals against rust during an "in-process" operation. Furthermore, solutions of Finish Aid Plus will not cause rusting when the work (steel or cast iron) remains immersed in the solution of Finish Aid Plus. It does not contain any inorganic salts, therefore, no powder residues are left on the surface of the metal.
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  Pavco, Inc.
Product Category Rust and Corrosion Inhibiting Fluids
Product Number Finish Aid Plus
Product Name Corrosion Inhibitors
Industry Applications Process Equipment, Tanks, Reactor or Lines
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