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Compact Hydraulic Power Unit 165 Series
The 165 Series compact hydraulic power units are completely self-contained with a DC motor, gear pump, reservoir, internal valving, load hold checks and pressure relief valves. Designed specifically for intermittent service, these units allow you to control power – and cost. The 165 Series is compact, flexible and efficient. It offers hydraulic power packs in three standard sizes for single or bi-directional applications and a variety of hydraulic circuit options. Single direction hydraulic power units are commonly used to charge accumulators, power single direction hydraulic motors and single-acting cylinders, as well as for use with multi-function circuits through external valving. Bi-directional hydraulic power units are commonly used to operate double-acting cylinders and reversible motors. Markets: • Industrial • Medical • Packaging • Material Handling • Manufacturing • Construction Features/Benefits: • Design Flexibility • Bi-directional, reversible units • Vertical and horizontal mounting • Double-acting cylinders with two-way motors • Multiple reservoir sizes • Improved Performance • Thermal relief valve to allow bleed-off of built-up pressure Back-pressure circuits to provide closed-loop operation Soft seat load hold valves Applications: • Wheelchair lifts • Scissor lift tables • RV levelers • RV room slides • Cab tilts • Mobile sign lifts • Boat lifts • Pallet movers Technical Characteristics: • 800 W (1 HP), 12 & 24 VDC motors • Flow rates from 2.8 to 5.3 lpm (.75 to 1.4 gpm) • Pressures capability of 241 bar (3500 psi) • Available in three standard pump sizes
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Technical Specifications

  Parker Hannifin / Hydraulics / Hydraulic Pump Division
Product Category Hydraulic Power Units
Product Number 165 Series
Product Name Compact Hydraulic Power Unit
Operating Pressure 3495 psi (2460 m H2O)
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