Oxford Instruments Atomic Force Microscopy Microscope Cypher S


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Atomic Force Microscopy Microscope - Cypher S - Oxford Instruments
Abingdon, United Kingdom
Atomic Force Microscopy Microscope Cypher S
The Asylum Research Cypher S is the base model of the Cypher AFM microscope family. The Cypher S was the first commercially available fast-scanning AFM, and the Cypher family AFMs remain the only full-featured fast-scanning AFMs that are compatible with a complete range of modes and accessories. Cypher AFMs have also earned a reputation for easily achieving higher resolution than other AFMs. The Cypher S is a great AFM for both materials science and life science research for ambient measurements in both air and liquids. The Cypher S is fully upgradable later for environmental control options or even video-rate scanning. Routinely achieve higher resolution than other AFM microscopes Fast scanning with results in seconds instead of minutes Every step of operation is simpler for remarkable productivity Small footprint in the lab, huge potential to grow in capability Support that goes above and beyond your expectations
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Technical Specifications

  Oxford Instruments
Product Category Biological Microscopes
Product Number Cypher S
Product Name Atomic Force Microscopy Microscope
Microscope Type Scanning Probe / Atomic Force
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