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Pipeline Insulation / Jacketing - PITTWRAP® B100 - Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® Insulation
Toledo, OH, United States
Pipeline Insulation / Jacketing PITTWRAP® B100
PITTWRAP® B100 wrap is a 1.2 mm (47 mil) thick self-sealing, aluminum butyl laminate specially formulated for protecting FOAMGLAS® insulation systems. PITTWRAP® B100 wrap is built with a high-tack butyl adhesive and 3-layer film - an aluminum film laminated to two polyester films (top and bottom) - to assure high level of resistance and protection (puncture, tear resistance). The polyester layers also protect the aluminum face against corrosion. A protective jacketing must be used over the PITTWRAP® B100 butyl wrap for UV protection. Manual pressure seals the wrap without the use of a torch or heater. Recommended for above and below ambient service pipelines and equipment; commercial chilled water; freeze-thaw protection on LNG, cold and cryogenic service applications. Not intended for below ground or indoor use. U.S. Stock Item. Available in standard 1 m x 15 m (39.4 in x 42.2 ft) and 0.6 m x 15 m (23.6 in x 42.2 ft) rolls.
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  Owens Corning® FOAMGLAS® Insulation
Product Category Insulation Jacketing
Product Number PITTWRAP® B100
Product Name Pipeline Insulation / Jacketing
Type Pipe and Fitting Jacketing
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