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Naperville, IL, United States
Solid Phase Extraction
Oro-Sep Cartridges are molded from medical grade virgin polypropylene, fritted with 20 micron PE frits and are compatible with a syringe or a vacuum manifold. The female luer tip inlet of the cartridge allows connection to a syringe tip. The male luer tip outlet connects to a vacuum manifold. Sep-Pak®cartridges may be substituted with Oro-Sep cartridges. Oro-Sep cartridges packed with reversed phases, normal phases, and ion exchange phases in three different bed sizes, may be utilized for sample preparation and sample concentration in the bio-tech, clinical, environmental, forensic, and pharmaceutical arena.
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  Orochem Technologies, Inc.
Product Category Solid Phase Extraction Cartridges and Disks
Product Name Solid Phase Extraction
Configuration Cartridge
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