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Conveyor Ball Transfer Table - FBT - Omtec Corporation
Marlborough, MA, USA
Conveyor Ball Transfer Table FBT
Omtec's Flange Mount Ball Transferis ideal for use on... Conveyor Ball Transfer Tables Conveyor Workstations Inspection Stations Packing & Shipping Stations. Progressive Assembly Lines Packing &Shipping Lines Production Lines Conveyor Lines Assembly Lines and Work Cells, are the primary areas of use for Omtec Ball Transfer Tables Omtec FBT ball transfer tables may be literally any length or conveyor width. Efficient custom ball transfer patterns are available. Omtec has available; standard or customized conveyor line accessory shelves for tools and etc. These shelves may be any shape or size. They may be located in the center of the conveyor ball transfer table or to the side of the operator. Infinite ball transfer patterns and surface sizes are available to fit virtually any task specific application! Retro fitting an existing conveyor is easy, just drop in the Omtec Ball Transfer Table. Screw down through the mounting clips. Most popular durable ball transfer table surfaces with ergonomic and aesthetic features. Most common surface thicknesses are 3/4 (19mm), 1-1/4 (32mm) and 1-3/4 (45mm) inches. Other thickness are available.
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  Omtec Corporation
Product Category Industrial Conveyors
Product Number FBT
Product Name Conveyor Ball Transfer Table
Material Conveyed Unit Handling
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