Evident Scientific/Olympus Bioluminescence Imaging System LV200

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Bioluminescence Imaging System - LV200 - Evident Scientific/Olympus
Webster, TX, United States
Bioluminescence Imaging System LV200
The LV200 has been carefully designed for long-duration cell bioluminescence. A completely new optical design dramatically increases sensitivity and enables the detailed study of photosensitive cells and luminescence probes at high magnification. The built-in system for temperature control, humidity and gas flow helps to keep the cultured cells or tissue slices in a healthy condition throughout the observation period and the unique light-tight enclosure shields the sample and optics from any external light.
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Technical Specifications

  Evident Scientific/Olympus
Product Category Microscopes
Product Number LV200
Product Name Bioluminescence Imaging System
Microscope Type Inverted
Optical Technique Luminescence Imaging, Transmitted Brightfield, Basic Transmitted Fluorescence
Remote Interface Computer Interface; Serial Interface; Application Software Included.
Grade Benchtop
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