Ofil Ltd. Fully Automatic Stand Alone Corona Inspection Systems DayCor® RAILHD

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Fully Automatic Stand Alone Corona Inspection Systems - DayCor® RAIL<sup>HD</sup> - Ofil Ltd.
Ness Ziona, Israel
Fully Automatic Stand Alone Corona Inspection Systems DayCor® RAILHD
DayCor® RailHD is an automatic autonomous corona and arcing partial discharge detection system designed for fast inspection of electrified railways. The system inspects, displays, processes, records and generates reports for prognosis of the electrical traction condition. RAIL HD is offered as a package of one or more UV sensors, a powerful processor bundled with coronaCatch reporting software. Corona indicates underlying chemical and electrical processes that damage insulation, corrode metal end fittings and accelerate aging. Moreover, corona indicates hazardous situations and in the case of mass transportation should be detected on time. DayCor® RAIL HD ensures the detection and pinpointing of corona occurrences along the inspected overhead electrical lines. DayCor® RAIL HD is a comprehensive inspection solution that integrates data collection, data management and decision support. The system includes one or more solar blind UV detection cameras, a processing unit, an array of hard drives, a monitor and dedicated reporting software. The corona detection units are mounted on the testing wagon roof in a shielded compartment, directed towards the railway overhead installations. The system’s wide field of view enables scanning wide area to maximize the efficiency of inspections Throughout the cruise the cameras scan the lines and record the visible and the UV channels. At the end of a ride, a report is automatically generated providing links to cases of corona, time of occurrence, ambient conditions and the exact location. Every installed system has a tailor-made configuration that fits the special architecture and conditions of the hosting system.
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  Ofil Ltd.
Product Category Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Equipment
Product Number DayCor® RAILHD
Product Name Fully Automatic Stand Alone Corona Inspection Systems
Instrument Type Condition Monitor / Fault Detector
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