Leybold USA Inc. LVO 211

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LVO 211 -  - Leybold USA Inc.
Export, PA, United States
LVO 211
LEYBONOL LVO 211 Characteristics: Synthetic oil without hazards (ester oil with additives). Very high thermal, oxidative and chemical stability, good deterging and dispersion characteristics, excellent wear protection. Examples of use: High temperature applications and pumping of air, chemically inert gases, (dry) carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, organic solvent vapors, resin vapors, etc. Product examples: TRIVAC, SP-Line, E + DK, RUVAC, DRYVAC, SOGEVAC
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Technical Specifications

  Leybold USA Inc.
Product Category Industrial Lubricants
Product Name LVO 211
Type Grease / Gel
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