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The Nutec Bickley ISO-JET® Generation Ill burner is a self-contained, gas or oil fired high performance burner, combining a stoichiometric operating nozzle and combustion chamber, together with a four-port Diffusion Air Block in one integrated assembly. Secondary air (Diffusion Air) diffuses the stoichiometric burner gasses emanating from the burners combustion chamber, tempering them to provide a high velocity jet of uniform temperature to heat the product. The resultant burner is a high velocity design, which permits independent control of the diffusion air rates, affecting burner velocity and exit gas temperature. High burner jet velocity is important for promoting temperature uniformity in ceramic kilns by entraining high amounts of kiln gasses into the burner jet stream and circulating them throughout the kiln before they are exhausted. During cooling stages, the diffusion air system combined with the primary combustion air system will cool the kiln more rapidly, with better control than any other system. Burner specifications and operating characteristics: 1. Maximum rated BTU output: 1,500,000 BTUIhr. (375000 Kcal/hr.) 2. Diffusion air capability: in excess of 26,000 SCFH (736 SCMH) 3. Maximum cooling capacity: 41,000 SCFH Air (1161 SCMH) total 4. Turndown: minimum of 18.75: 1 5. Minimum Burner jet outlet temperature: 85°C 6. Flame supervision: equipped with access port for flame supervision (UV). 7. Ignition: Direct spark ignited (or pilot) by ignition rod supplied with the burner Contact Nutec Bickley for ISO-JET® GIII burners requirement, spare parts and state-of-the-art firing systems!
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