NOSHOK, Inc. S-Type Tension & Compression Transducer 2351


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S-Type Tension & Compression Transducer - 2351 - NOSHOK, Inc.
Berea, OH, USA
S-Type Tension & Compression Transducer 2351
Conventional design features internal threads which allow force to be easily introduced via suitable swivel heads Factory internal calibration performed in tension and compression directions: 4...20 mA and 0...10 V; the zero signal is around 12 mA and 5 V Calibrations in the tension or compression direction only are available at no extra charge Features thin film implants and an integrated amplifier High shock and vibration resistance Small temperature drift For dynamic or static requirements Connector plug is on the broad side of the body; cable socket is angled and the cable runs parallel to the direction of force which allows space-saving and protected installation on plant and machinery A special version with integrated overload protection and a selectable measuring range is available - ideal for applications in measurement engineering With the aid of the optional EPE01 programming unit, any of three different measuring ranges (100%, 50%, and 30%) can be selected without having to remove the force transducer Calibration characteristics stored in the digital amplifier allow an accuracy of 0.2% of FSD for each measuring range Overload proection is rated for 250% of the maximum nominal load Easy assembly
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  NOSHOK, Inc.
Product Category Force and Load Sensors
Product Number 2351
Product Name S-Type Tension & Compression Transducer
Force Measured Tension; Compression
Operating Temperature -40 to 176 F (-40 to 80 C)
Force Rating 0.0 to 11240 lbs (0.0 to 5098 kg)
Accuracy 0.20 ±% Full Scale
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