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Irvine, CA, USA
Bandpass Filters
Our Bandpass Filters pass a narrow spectral band of UV, visible, or NIR radiation and reject out-of-band wavelengths from the X-ray to the far IR. Applications include spectral radiometry, medical diagnostics, chemical analysis, colorimetry, astronomy, and wherever spectral isolation is required. Out-of-band blocking to less than 0.01% (10-4) Center wavelengths available from 206 nm to 900 nm Excellent temperature stability 25.4 mm diameter and 50.8 mm square sizes Superior lifetime in harsh environmental conditions Features Scribed and Laminated Construction Our long-UV, visible and near-infrared bandpass filters are manufactured using scribed and laminated construction. This method provides a glass-epoxy-glass seal around the perimeter of the filter that prevents the ingress of moisture into the thin-film filter elements. Our manufacturing process employs methods and materials designed to deliver the highest spectral performance while providing a robust construction capable of withstanding variable climatic conditions. UV Filter Construction Our UV filters in the 214 nm to 300 nm range are fabricated using our Argon-Gap Technology. These filters demonstrate superior spectral stability and field lifetime in demanding applications such as water purification and environmental monitoring. Argon-Gap technology employs a proprietary sealing process that eliminates sources of solarization by-products, such as epoxy sealants. Solarization by-products, which are created by the chemical breakdown of organic materials resulting from exposure to ultraviolet light, are a principal cause of premature failure of short-UV filters. Excellent Out-of-Band Blocking Our filters have excellent out-of-band blocking to less than 0.01% (10-4). Center wavelengths are available from 206 to 900 nm.
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  Newport Corporation
Product Category UV Filters
Product Name Bandpass Filters
Filter Shape Circular; Square
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