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Newark Wire Cloth is more than just a supplier of wire cloth, we are the weaver. As 'the source', Newark offers a broad range of wire cloth - Space Cloth, Mesh Cloth and even Micronic Filter Cloth. Many items are considered 'Stock' and are ready for immediate shipment. Your choice of wire sizes may range from 1" diameter down to wire sizes finer than human hair. Mesh opening sizes range from 4" and larger down to one micron (.00003937 inch). With such wide variation, Newark Wire produces a variety of different weaves. The type of weave is frequently dictated by the wire diameter or the opening size desired, or by a combination of these factors, types and materials to suit virtually any requirement. Since wire cloth is produced in such varying combinations of wire diameter and opening size, its use has been widely accepted throughout the industry. It is extremely versatile in application. Whether you're sizing, separating, sifting, filtering or protecting, wire cloth will do the job.
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Technical Specifications

  Newark Wire Cloth Company
Product Category Mesh
Product Name Wire Cloth
Applications Fluid Filtration (optional feature)
WireDiameter 6.00E-4 to 0.5000 inch (0.0152 to 12.7 mm)
Mesh Construction Plain (optional feature); Plain Dutch (optional feature); Twill (optional feature); Dutch Twill (optional feature)
Mesh Count 1 to 3600
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