New Pig Corporation PIG® Burpless® Steel Drum Funnel DRM1127

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PIG® Burpless® Steel Drum Funnel - DRM1127 - New Pig Corporation
Tipton, PA, USA
PIG® Burpless® Steel Drum Funnel DRM1127
For 20 to 55 gal. Plastic or Steel Drums w/ 2" NPT 11.25" x 15" x 15" Patented Burpless design delivers fast, no-splash pouring and one-handed access for easy reg compliance. Secure closure helps you meet closed container regs; opens and closes instantly using only one hand Lets you pour without venting through 3/4" bung, a possible closed container reg violation if left open Nitrile gasket and locking mechanism completely seal lid to help reduce vapor emissions FM Approved for flammable liquids when equipped with a PIG Drum Funnel Flame Arrestor (DRM617, sold separately) Lockable to prevent unauthorized access Durable, chemical-resistant powder coat helps ensure long service life Multiple lid color options let you segregate drums Built-in PIG Overfill Preventer stops flow when the drum is almost full to help you avoid messy overfills
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  New Pig Corporation
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Product Number DRM1127
Product Name PIG® Burpless® Steel Drum Funnel
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