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Hybrid Cable
In many applications including audio/video, medical equipment, instrumentation and communications there are numerous interconnection demands for a single device. These could include power supply and grounding, signal, coax, twisted pair, strength members, vent tubes, individually shielded components, Litz wire, etc. New England Wire Technologies specializes in developing custom hybrid cable solutions to meet the wide range of requirements for these complex applications. A hybrid cable is simply a cable in which multiple sizes or types of conductors or other components are incorporated into a single neat package. A custom hybrid cable can offer the wide range of functionality and the performance required for complex devices and applications without the clutter. Some finished device manufacturers attempt to meet their variety of connection needs by bundling together many individual wires and components by hand. This approach allows for some design flexibility but unfortunately, the result is often disorganized, difficult to route and not very aesthetically pleasing. A single hybrid cable offers a much cleaner look than a bundle of individual wires and with overall shielding and jacketing in common a hybrid cable will typically provide reduced diameter as well. Also, cleaning and sterilization can be much more effective with a single round and smooth jacket rather than a rough bundle. In other cases device manufacturers attempt to fit their device with an off-the-shelf product such as HDMI, USB or category cable. Regrettably the result is often the sacrifice of performance or design goals. The cable is an essential component of a high quality device so why use a cable that may not provide the appearance, dimensions, flexibility, flex life, or other aspects that you would ideally want your device to offer. With New England Wire’s custom design support and manufacturing a hybrid cable can be tailored to the specific requirements of any application. New England Wire Technologies will work with you to develop a solution that combines the numerous interconnection requirements for your device into a single easy to route hybrid cable. Contact Us
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