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Linear Shafts -  - NB Corporation of America
Hanover Park, IL, USA
Linear Shafts
The NB Linear Shaft can be used in a wide range of applications as a mechanical component from straight shaft to spindle shaft. Benefits and Features At-a-Glance NB has invested in advanced machining technology — including CNC lathes, cylindrical grinding machines, boring and milling machines, and more — to meet any client’s engineering requirements. We can perform everything from tapping and shaft-stepping to sophisticated spindle shaft and linear bearing rail manufacturing. As a result, we can design products that offer: Superior damage resistance Using advanced heat treatment technology, we can improve the resistance of our rotational and linear shafting devices. Our quenching and tempering processes create a uniformly hardened outer layer that resists damage commonly incurred over time. Decreased surface roughness A smooth surface is essential to improving the performance and accuracy of our products. NB linear bearing rails are precision-grinded to ensure roughness is limited to no more than Ra0.4. Wide Range of Options You can find NB shafts and linear bearing rails in a diverse range of applications, including manufacturing equipment, consumer goods and more. To customize products to the specific needs of our clients, we offer many manufacturing options, including: Various coatings, including chroming and ceramics, as well as repair and resurfacing services for older components A range of different materials, including high-carbon chromium bearing steel and Martensitic stainless steel Multiple product types, including NB SFW/SFWS/SN/SNS/SNT components and other high-precision shafts for our own slide bushings and bearings
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Technical Specifications

  NB Corporation of America
Product Category Linear Shafts
Product Name Linear Shafts
Types of Shafts Linear; Precision
Additional Operations Male Thread; Female Thread
Shaft Material Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel
Hardness 50 to 59 Rockwell; 60 to 69 Rockwell
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