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Room Air Purifier -  - Mystaire, Inc.
Creedmoor, NC, United States
Room Air Purifier
The Mystaire® Room Air Purifier is designed for high-efficiency ambient air cleaning. The room air purifier works on the principal of recirculating air through high-quality HEPA filtration and/or activated carbon filtration to effectively filter room air. A high-quality fan pulls contaminated room air into the filtration zone while allowing enough residence time to effectively capture or trap pollutants. The Mystaire® Room Air Purifier is constructed from epoxy-coated aluminum with a brushless and sparkless centrifugal fan to ensure a long useful life. The room air purifier is portable and easy to install within a variety of locations. Required for installation is simply 110V or 220V of electricity. FEATURES Lightweight and portable Epoxy coated aluminum construction Sparkless and brushless centrifugal fan for quiet operation HEPA or carbon filter depending on application 110V or 220V
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  Mystaire, Inc.
Product Category Air Purifiers
Product Name Room Air Purifier
Technology Adsorbtion, Acticated Carbon Air Purifier; HEPA Air Purifier
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