MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. AGV Magnetic Guide Sensors AGV-TMR250V

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AGV Magnetic Guide Sensors AGV-TMR250V
AGV-TMR250V is an analog voltage output magnetic guide sensor, and the Vout voltage is linear to the distance between magnetic tape and sensor. It is available as standard with N pole, S pole and N/S pole magnetic operating modes including corresponding LED indicators. AGV-TMR250V provides branch selection function, enabling "straight", "left branch" and "right branch" three analog output modes by acquiring ground mark information to set the signals of SET1 and SET2 pins in advance. This sensor also supports magnetic tape presence status indication from STATE pin. AGV-TMR250V sensor is adaptive to installation height and tape width with excellent protection against magnetic material interference. Incorporating tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) technique, AGV-TMR250V sensors are designed for magnetic tape and marker detection to provide excellent temperature characteristics, good consistency, and high sensitivity performance.
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  MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd.
Product Category Magnetic Field Instruments
Product Number AGV-TMR250V
Product Name AGV Magnetic Guide Sensors
Form Factor Other
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