Mountz, Inc. ECT50904-R Transducerized Smart Robotic Screwdriver 313100

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ECT50904-R Transducerized Smart Robotic Screwdriver - 313100 - Mountz, Inc.
San Jose, CA, United States
ECT50904-R Transducerized Smart Robotic Screwdriver 313100
The ECT is an all-in-one transducerized smart robotic screwdriver solution for process reliability and efficiency with smart fastening strategies and high precision torque accuracy. Designed for robotic and automated torque applications, the screwdriver safeguards against fastening failures for quality-minded engineers. The transducerized tool features a built-in sensor that continually measures torque in real-time and feeds data back into the system. The error-proofing system eliminates manufacturing risks and product defects. Easily program the controller with fastening workflows and torque tolerances for each fastener in the sequence. The smart screwdriver system provides capabilities to record and store the torque & fastening data. A single robotic DC control system replaces up to 15 power tools. The electric screwdriver system includes free product software - no annual licensing required—savings of $2K. Achieve a robust manufacturing process using this intelligent electric screwdriver system. Error-proof the fastening process and eliminate manufacturing risks and prevent product defects. Transducerized Tool - traceability, superior accuracy and precision. The transducer is continually measuring torque in real-time and feeding data back into the system. Robotic style electric screwdriver for automated and fixtured fastening applications. Achieve multiple fastening tasks with one smart robotic screwdriver system. Programmable fastening sequences and workflows. Create standardize fastening workflows. Data collection - record and store torque and fastening data. Collect and store essential quality data in a repository for data analytics, regulatory compliance and traceability. Single robotic screwdriver fastening system replaces up to 15 power tools. Free product software — no annual licensing required — savings of $2K. Monitor fastening processes and tasks. The screw counting function ensures that all screws are accounted for during the assembly process. Operational for thread tapping and prevailing torque applications. Swiss DC servo motor provides precise, accurate and repeatable torque control. Low maintenance with an extended life cycle. Requires ECTD-5000 Controller Low inertial force provides smooth reaction-less operation with little G force to assembled parts. The pistol grip tool is commonly used for vertical operations. ECTD-5000 Controller has digital I/O signals for interfacing with a machine & PLC interface for line control monitoring techniques. ECTD-5000 Controller: Program up to 15 presets and 15 models, consisting of up to 20 steps for each model. ECTD-5000 Controller memory: collect and save all fastening data on SD memory card. ECTD-5000 Controller provides fastening torque data analysis (Standard Deviation, Mean, Average, CP, CPK ). ECTD-5000 Controller is fully programmable via the touch screen. Drivers include a front mounting flange. Electric screwdriver is engineered for automation applications that provide manufacturers with a rapid, reliable and precise method of fastening screws. Easy integration into the production line. Rapid reconfiguration for new production projects. Forward and reverse direction. Start and stop output signals. Reduces the production cycle. The ECT robotic screwdriver is supplied with the standard 3 meter length cable. The driver cable connects the ECT-Series electric screwdriver to the ECTD-5000 Controller. Download the Mountz vacuum system request form and submit it with your request.
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Technical Specifications

  Mountz, Inc.
Product Category Screwdrivers (electric and pneumatic)
Product Number 313100
Product Name ECT50904-R Transducerized Smart Robotic Screwdriver
Drive Style Electric
Text for Other Drive Size 3/8" Sq. Dr.
Length 13.12 inch (333 mm)
Drive Type Fixed Size Drive
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