Motech Solar PV Inverters PVMate 5300U/5000U/4000U/3840U/3000U


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PV Inverters - PVMate 5300U/5000U/4000U/3840U/3000U - Motech Solar
Newark, DE, USA
Motech grid-tied PV inverters with transformers offer high efficiency, high reliability, light weight, and lower installation cost. With PVMate inverters, it makes grid-tied installations a simple task and that translates into lower installation cost. In addition, the features of PVMate, such as built-in DC/AC disconnect, high threshold for derating, monitoring software, etc. have set a new bar in the industry. More Energy: Motech inverters have the highest CEC efficiency in its class, 96.0%. Maximum efficiency is 96.7%. Certified: Certified for the new UL 1741/IEEE 1547. Warranty: 10 years standard warranty. Reliable and Dependable:Motech has been in business since 1981 and is one of the top ten solar cell manufacturers in the world. Ease of Installation &Lower Cost:Integrated DC/AC disconnect switch that eliminates the need for external DC and AC disconnects. Flexibility:Wide PV input MPPT tracking voltage range enables flexibility in module selection and sizing of PV system. Light Weight: At 28kg, Motech inverters are the lightest grid-connected inverters that have 96% CEC efficiency. Versatility: Suitable for residential or light commercial applications. Free Software: Free PC software for system troubleshooting and remote monitoring. LCD Display: Important system performance parameters are shown on a user-friendly LCD display. Ease of Serviceability: In the highly unlikely event that the inverter needs to be serviced, the independently sealed inverter enclosure can easily be detached from the DC/AC wiring box, and the wiring box can remain intact on the wall.
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Technical Specifications

  Motech Solar
Product Category DC-AC Inverters
Product Number PVMate 5300U/5000U/4000U/3840U/3000U
Product Name PV Inverters
DC Input Voltage 200.0 to 550.0 volts
DC Input Current 16 to 25 amps
AC Output Current 13.5 to 22.1 amps
AC Output Voltage 208.0 to 240.0 volts
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