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Sapphire Optical Glass -  - Monocrystal, Inc.
Stavropol, Russia
Sapphire Optical Glass
Sapphire is characterized by high resistance to mechanical and temperature impacts, and also to ultraviolet and infrared radiation, which allows the manufacturing of windows for scanners, lenses for optical instruments, etc. Monocrystal produces polished (windows) and ground (blanks) items for optical applications. Light transmittance of products is 85% in the spectral range from 0.25 to 4.50 μm. All the products can be supplied with different orientations - M, A, R, and С planes. High transparency and resistance to mechanical impacts enable the production of sapphire glass for luxury watch brands.
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  Monocrystal, Inc.
Product Category Optical Crystals
Product Name Sapphire Optical Glass
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